Coworking Space/Share Office at the foot of Mt. Fuji.
.work Fujiyoshida City

Working is living.

Working is living.
Make use of yourself by working in the society.
Make use of the location by working at different places.
Make use of the time by working flexible.

We believe that the content of work can enhance various values.
.work Fujiyoshida is one of the bases that transmits information.

We look forward to your visit at our coworking space at the foot of Mt. Fuji.

We have prepared spaces for various purposes.

There are people visiting our space with various uses.
People who wants to desk work, have meeting, finding people to to work with, and even people who wants to use as a studio or use as Yoga classes.
We have prepared a place to fulfill everyone’s request as much as possible.


.work Fujiyoshida is a coworking space in Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture.
We are located just over one hour by highway bus from Tokyo, and providing space with great view of Mt. Fuji. We operate under the theme of work style reform and regional revitalization.



You are able to select from 3 options for work purpose: temporary member use, monthly member use, and corporate member use. For event purposes, you can use the entire facility, private rooms, or open areas based on your needs.



Spaces are available for various purposes inside three-sided glass-covered space. The blackboard room surrounded by blackboard wallpaper and the meeting room surrounded by projection screen wallpaper are especially popular.                     


Usage fee for .work Fujiyoshida

You are able to choose from variety of plans that suits your lifestyle such as one-time use members, monthly members, fixed seat plans, etc.

Monthly Membership
Day plan(9:00a.m-5:00p.m) 14,000JPY+tax/Month
Night plan(5:00p.m-9:00p.m) 10,000JPY+tax/Month
Full time plan(9:00a.m-9:00p.m) 20,000JPY+tax/Month
Individual Booth Seat Plan(9:00a.m-9:00p.m) 30,000JPY+tax/Month

Monthly Membership Application

Please contact us about membership registration. We also accept applications for tours only.
※Day plan, night plan and full time plan is Plan to freely use any 16 open seats at the working area.
※Available time depends on the plan.

A: Mail Storage 2,000JPY+tax/Month
B: Corporate Registration *The use of option A is premised on the use of option B. 1,000JPY+tax/Month
Temporary Member
2 hour 300JPY
3 hour 600JPY
4 hour 900JPY
8 hour pack 1,200JPY
10 hour pack 1,500JPY
12 hour pack 1,800JPY

Plan Price

Here are frequently asked questions from customers.

What kind of person is using this space? How to change the plan? Participation only for the events?
Here are frequently asked questions from customers before use. Please check before contacting us.


Meeting room reservation status