Address: 1-7-12 Shinnishihara, Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture Shinnishihara Building 3F
Phone: 050-2018-2343
Nearest Station: 5 min walk from Fujiyama Station

◆By Car
Parking is available on the first floor of the building.
Able to park up to 11 cars, so please use it freely.
*Please do not use the parking lot of a nearby store without permission.

Traffic access

By train from Tokyo to nearest station

Take the JR Chuo Line to Otsuki Station from Tokyo
Take the Fujikyuko Line from Otsuki Station and get off at Fujiyama Station.
When using the limited express Kaiji from Tokyo Station Travel Time: about 2h22m Fare: 3440 yen (Unreserved seats)
If you do not use the limited express from Tokyo Station Travel time: about 2h35m Fare: 2510 yen

★If you use an IC card, You only need to pay 400 yen in cash if you take the limited express on the Fujikyu Line.
In addition, it is possible to pay by IC card when using limited express Kaiji.
★If you want to take advantage of the JR Chuo Line limited express, check out the discount information of “Eki Net”.
★If you need a power supply while traveling, please consider a limited express Azusa.

By Highway Bus

When coming from Tokyo area
Seibu Bus,Fujikyuko Kanko, Fujikyu Yamanashi Bus, Fujikyuko Kanko, JR Bus Kanto
Take the Kawaguchiko Line/Fujigoko Line operated by each bus company and get off at Fujiyama Station.
*Please check that some bus doesn’t stop at Fujiyama Station.
*The fare changes at the boarding place.

Departure/arrival station: Shinjuku Station⇔Fujigoko Station Travel Time: 1h40m
Main boarding place: Busta Shinjuku/Chuo Expressway Hino/FujiQ Highland/Kawaguchiko Station/Fujiyama (Fujiyoshida) Station/Yamanakako/Asahigaoka/Yamanakako Hirano Plain/Motosuko/Fuji Shiba Sakura Festival Venue
Estimated fare: 1750JPY Remarks: Restroom
Operating company Fujikyu Keio

Departure/arrival station: Omiya/Kawagoe/Ikebukuro⇔Kawaguchiko Travel Time: 3h
Main boarding place: Omiya Station West Exit/Ikebukuro Station East Exit/FujiQ Highland/Kawaguchiko Station/Fujiyama Station
Estimated fare: 2470JPY Remarks: Restroom, Non-smoking, 4 row seat
Operating company Seibu Bus Co., Ltd./Fujikyuko Kankou

Departure/arrival station: Tokyo Station⇔Fujigoko Travel Time: 2h
Main boarding place: Tokyo Station Yaesu South Exit/FujiQ Highland/Kowagushiko Station/JR Bus Kanto
Estimated fare: 1800JPY Remarks: Restroom
Operating company FujiQ Yamanashi bus, Fujikyuko Kanko, JR Bus Kanto

By Car When coming from Tokyo area

For those coming via the Tomei Expressway
From “Gotemba IC” via Route 138
Take the Higashifujigoko “Subashiri IC” and get off at “Fujiyoshida IC“.

If you are coming via Chuo Expressway
Get off at Chuo Expressway “Kawaguchiko IC”.
It takes about 4km to Fujiyama Station from either “Fujiyoshida IC” or “Kawaguchiko IC“.